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Fellow Traders:

Wm Brown
- Avid Ohio Patch Collector

John Erfort
- Retired Officer from Denmark

Newell Temple - Collects Correctional Patches

Stefan Zugec
- Police Officer from Republic of Slovenia

Joe Jeannette - Avid Michigan Patch Collector

Grahame MacDonald
- Member of Australian Cavalry Re-Enactment Unit

Gerald Dozier
- Avid Florida Patch Collector

Zoran Risteski
- Police Officer from Croatia

Jan Gerritsen - Collects various patches - mainly foreign

Chris Culler
- Lieutenant from Sarpy Co SO, NE USA

Mark Schooler - Ohio Patch Collector - Mayfield Village Officer

Andy Glenfield - Patch Collector from Northern Ireland

Marty Augustine- Collects various patches - mainly Kansas

Marty Augustine- Website dedicated to Kansas LE

Bernardo Baena Garcia
- Police Officer from Spain

Peter Poznic
- Police Officer from Slovenija

Attila Haromszeki
- Police Officer from Hungary

Ben Holbrook
- Police Officer from Huber Hgts, Ohio

Cory Freadling
- Police Officer from Olmsted Twp, Ohio

Martai Janos - Police Officer Hungary

Chris Rhew - SGT from Morrisville, NC

Chuck G - DC Metro Police Collector

Jose Luis Barrio - Collector of patches & Pins of military police of Spain and the World

Sebastien Therrien - Corrections Officer and trader from Quebec Canada

Joerg - Patch Collector and trader from Germany

Butch Jansen - Patch Collector and trader from Maryland

Frank - Patch Collector and trader from the Netherlands

Ruben Alberto Banegas - Patch Collector from Argentina